Environmental Policy

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At Techmation Electric & Controls Ltd., our commitment to protecting the environment is an integral part of our operations. We scrutinize our work processes and products to ensure hazardous materials are properly disposed of in closed and proper receptacles and materials are recycled whenever possible. During plant upgrades and repairs, we assist our clients in disposing of used materials in a safe and reliable manner.

Techmation employees shall respect and protect the environment, wildlife and natural vegetation habitat surrounding our client’s worksites at all times. Techmation employees will follow our client’s environmental plans and policies whenever performing work on their sites. As well, the Canadian Environmental Protection Act shall be observed and adhered to at all times.

As part of our daily operations, our environmental program focuses on being proactive and we anticipate concerns ahead of time to prevent and reduce hazards. Techmation will limit our environmental impact through the reduction of fossil fuel use at our worksites and in our company vehicles by keeping them in good repair, minimizing idle time, limiting road travel whenever possible and using new innovations to save fuel. Wherever possible, Techmation will purchase or utilize materials or products that are renewable, made from recyclable products or that are energy efficient so as to keep the companies environmental impact to a minimum.

Techmation has implemented the following environmental initiatives:

  1. Minimize service truck idling and travel time.
  2. Use of spill kits for fueling equipment.
  3. Reduction in use of plastics.
  4. Recycle programs for waste such as copper, aluminum, stainless steel, cardboard, plastics and bottles.
  5. New facilities constructed with LED lighting and solar options.
  6. Disposal of auto fluids and tires by reputable disposal outlets.
  7. Mandatory use of dual lined fuel tanks.
  8. Where possible, use of environmentally friendly products.
  9. Mandatory training for all employees for WHMIS, TDG and our comprehensive MSDS system.

Through training, our employees learn to manage waste generated at the worksite. They are trained in proper handling, storage and disposal of waste. Through education, our employees have a clear understanding of this focus and fully support our commitment to minimize waste and reduce our overall environmental impact.