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Committed to Quality, Safety & Service! TM


Techmation's safety philosophy begins with our employees. Our employees are our most valuable resource and Techmation’s goal is to ensure they return home safely every day. We believe that all incidents are preventable and Techmation’s TRIF target is ZERO. By empowering our personnel (from senior management to our field technicians) to actively participate in our safety program, enables Techmation to build a strong safety culture. We pride ourselves in providing a safe work environment, demonstrating safety leadership and promoting safety as our top priority.

Techmation has implemented an effective safety program to protect our workers, customers, public property, the environment and all worksite properties from safety hazards. We have obtained a COR Certification with the Alberta, British Columbia and Saskatchewan Construction Safety Associations and we utilize their training services to augment our safety program and enhance our employee’s skills.


  1. All employees shall report to work fit for duty. No employee shall report to work under the influence of, introduce, have possession of, or consume intoxicating liquids or drugs on company time. Operation of a company vehicle or equipment while under the influence of alcohol or any other mind-altering intoxication at any time is strictly prohibited.
  2. No employee shall willfully violate any safety rule.
  3. All employees shall adhere to our Vehicle Policy in a safe and courteous manner. All persons in vehicle are required to wear seat belts, and all trips and routes must be pre-planned prior to departure. Driving distracted is strictly prohibited.
  4. All employees shall have all applicable work permits in place prior to work commencing.
  5. All employees shall follow our Control of Hazardous Energy (Lock Out/Tag Out) procedures, and isolate all energy sources prior to performing any work. "TEST BEFORE TOUCH".
  6. All employees shall wear a 4 in 1 personal gas monitors while working in a live operating facility where gas is present. Monitors must be bump tested daily.
  7. Should hot work be required, all employees shall have the proper PPE, have all applicable permits, follow all applicable procedures, have the appropriate training and competency, and client approval prior to commencing any work.
  8. All employees working at heights shall follow Fall Protection procedures, be trained in fall protection, utilize the proper PPE, be deemed competent, and shall be tied off 100% of the time.
  9. All employees working alone shall follow the Work Alone Policy and ensure a call-in plan has been implemented. When employees are working alone, they need to ensure they have effective communications and are following all procedures for call-in (check-in frequency), proper permits are in place and they are equipped with proper PPE such as 4 in 1 monitors.
  10. Smoking of cigarettes, cigars, e-cigarettes, vapes, etc. is only permitted in designated areas on the worksite, or as the client policy permits. Smoking is NOT permitted in company vehicles. Cigarettes and cigarette butts MUST BE disposed of in a safe and proper container.


  • Compliance with government regulations, industry standards and our company safety program.
  • Safety training for all employees/subcontractors and orientation of safe work practices.
  • Cooperation with other contractors to create safe worksites.
  • Providing and maintaining appropriate safety equipment.
  • Immediate reporting of all incidents and accidents.
  • Root cause analysis.
  • Continual review and analysis of leading and lagging indicators

Techmation believes the health and safety of our employees is paramount and that we are responsible for maintaining safe and reliable operations at all times. As of July 31, 2023, Techmation employees have worked 3,881 days without a loss time accident.


Workplace Safe Alberta 2006
  • Arc Flash Training (ESTS) supported by ESPS
  • Confined Space
  • CSTS 2020
  • CSO
  • Fall Protection
  • Ground Disturbance
  • H2S Alive
  • Driving and Journey Management
  • Standard Level First Aid
  • TDG
  • WHMIS 2015
  • Hazardous Energy & Isolation
  • Respect in the Workplace
  • Hazard Identification, Assessment & Control


Certificate of Recognision - Partnerships in Injury Reduction Certificate of Recognision - Health and Safety
Certificate of ISNetworld Membership certif3