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Techmation has partnered with IMI Critical Engineering who specialize in valves for severe service applications. This IMI patented trim design is unlike anything else currently used in the shale market. Current chokes in the market have 1-2 stages to help drop velocities where ours comes standard 4-6 and can go up to x16 giving you more control and less wear on your equipment keeping production high. Think of it like a waterfall and imagine the same amount of water but down a set of stairs, that's essentially how our trim is designed to work. Because of this we have proven we can outperform current chokes in the market min x5-10 times longer life, while at the same time having the capability to reach CV’s up to 50.

We see most issues within the shale gas fields where it's common for sand and high pressures to wash out chokes. Many companies have incorporated additional devises to help eliminate wear such as a down-hole choke, multiple surface chokes and or control valves and as well sand separators etc., but it’s possible we can alleviate many of those additional devises in order to lower your capital cost while still maintaining integrity.

This choke valve technology saves our clients’ money, downtime and prevents on-going issues on their wells.

For more information - 100DPC-S and 860HPC Choke Valve