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Methane is a colorless gas that has been designated as a Green House Gas (GHG). It has been established that methane is 25 times more potent than CO2 in its potential to warm the atmosphere. Methane is commonly used to drive pneumatic instruments and its release into the atmosphere from these instruments needs to be reduced or eliminated. Federal and Provincial governments have regulations in place that require producers to meet emissions targets as set forth by legislation. Governments have also provided various incentive programs to help producers meet these targets. Techmation has experience in the following topics related to methane abatement in order to promote knowledge, understanding, and discussion of methane regulations, abatement options and funding sources:

  1. Overview of Federal and Provincial Regulatory Sources
  2. Implementation Timeline of Regulations
  3. Abatement Methods to Reduce or Eliminate Methane Emissions
  4. Currently Available Funding for Methane Emissions Abatement
  5. Techmation Methane Emissions Abatement Experience

GHG Reduction Options Available

  • Replacement or upgrade of high bleed pneumatic controllers to low bleed devices. (up to 90% reduction)
  • Replacement of pneumatic with electric devices.
  • Solar powered instrument air systems.
  • Solar powered chemical injection pumps.
  • Self-contained instrument air solutions designed to eliminate gas emissions from pneumatic devices in remote locations.
  • Qnergy – CAP3 (Compressed Air Pneumatics)
  • Gentherm – RGCS (Remote Generator Compressor System)
  • These systems vary in size and can incorporate thermal or solar power and glycol heating options.

Summary of Techmation Activities to Date

Activities have primarily focused on working with clients and project developers to replace high bleed pneumatic controllers with low bleed devices in accordance with the Alberta Emissions Offset Registry guidelines. Additionally, replacement of gas drive chemical injection pumps with new solar powered systems has been an area of focus.

Partnerships and Relationships

Techmation has supplied experienced manpower and resources to multiple clients to facilitate all aspects of these programs. Programs vary from working with a third party carbon capture project development company that oversees the program and collects the Emission Performance Credits to Techmation supplying materials and manpower to execute the project and the employer claiming the Emission Performance Credits. In all cases Techmation’s role is to collect data and facilitate installation of the new equipment ensuring documentation is accurate and entered into the database to ensure all credits are accounted for. Clients have utilized numerous data tracking programs and project developers, and as a vendor neutral supplier, Techmation is able to support and work with any preferred supplier or company the client chooses to use. Techmation’s extensive supplier network ensures the best pricing and delivery will be achieved on all material orders.


Techmation has extensive experience and has been supplying trained competent technicians to our clients as part of our construction and maintenance teams in conventional, midstream and downstream projects since 1995. Locally based technicians eliminate the need to schedule personnel that need to travel long distances to sites.


  • Techmation can facilitate contact with vendors and project developers to assist clients to develop a program that best meets their needs.
  • Free estimates and assistance developing budgetary numbers.
  • All work is covered by a full warranty and supported locally.
  • 24-hour callout support at all of our locations should it be required.