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Committed to Quality, Safety & Service! TM



Our approach is to integrate environment and regulatory services into all aspects of our day-to-day work activities. Our commitment to protecting the environment is an integral part of our operations. We scrutinize our work processes and products to ensure hazardous materials are properly disposed of in closed receptacles and materials are recycled whenever possible. During plant upgrades and repairs, we assist our clients in disposing of used materials in a safe and reliable manner.


Techmation believes in aligning our corporate philosophy with our mission statement, policies, conduct, ethics and the ever evolving needs of our communities, employees, subcontractors, vendors and clients. Techmation is committed to being a responsible employer by encouraging an environment of diversity and inclusion throughout our operations. Techmation is a proud member of the Respect in the Workplace program since 2015.


At Techmation, we have been serving the energy industry for over 26 years and have earned a reputation as “Best in Class” for trust, quality, safety and leadership. A sustainably strong business depends on maintaining trust, and that requires adopting strong ethical and compliance standards and ensuring strong board leadership and oversight. Good governance is the foundation for everything we do, which includes our corporate citizenship work in the communities in which we live and operate. From our long experience, we know that a sustainable business depends on maintaining strong ethical, compliance and quality standards.

Techmation’s corporate governance is managed and governed by our board of directors. The board’s purpose is to support practical and effective management that delivers long-term success for our stakeholders.

Stakeholders can obtain Techmation's full ESG Report at