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Maintenance Services

Techmation Electric & Controls Ltd. provides experienced and skilled electrical and instrumentation commissioning teams that will take our client’s facilities from substantial completion to full operation’s Care, Custody and Control (CCC), in a safe, systematic and efficient manner. As a vendor neutral company with over 24 years industrial oil & gas experience, our personnel are able to commission and integrate systems from all manufacturers and vendors to increase the reliability of our client’s facilities after start-up.

Not only can Techmation construct our client’s facilities, we will be the most knowledgeable, efficient and cost-effective team for our client’s pre-commissioning and commissioning requirements. Techmation provides our clients with a complete pre-commissioning, commissioning and start-up solution with comprehensive procedures for both electrical and instrumentation systems. The process starts with a thorough and detailed review of construction turnover documents such as loop checks, data sheets, function testing & instrument indexes. This information is then used to develop an execution plan to maximize productivity and meet start-up targets. All activities are documented, tracked and the information noted or verified for the development of a Basic Care Plan (BCP) that meets all codes, regulations and standards. This BCP and supporting documentation can be utilized for ongoing preventative maintenance and reliability planning after a successful start-up is achieved. Techmation’s commissioning goal is to offer our clients full value in regards to a safe and efficient start-up allowing our clients to meet or exceed production goals as soon as possible with reliability that is easily maintained for the life of the facility.

Techmation has trained and competent commissioning teams with years of experience in the energy sector, please refer to our project experience for a full listing of our expertise.

Maintenance Services